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Narnian bookshelf

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Re: Narnian bookshelf

Postby LucyP » 23 Sep 2009, 22:20

How to Learn a Narnia Lullaby in 3 days-written by Tumnus
Narnian Lullabies for Dummies-Written by Nikkabrik
Father Christmas' Gifts-By Father Christamas
Learning how to Shoot an Arrow in 3 Simple Steps-by Susan
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Re: Narnian bookshelf

Postby brian7 » 09 Jun 2010, 01:40

Water is powerful wet stuff and other observations by the dufflepods.

The Lion and the Lamb by Aslan

Beyond The Sea by Reepicheep

The Last Days of Charn by Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer

The REAL Last Days of Charn by Queen Jadis

The Wood Between The Worlds by Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer, foreword by King Frank

The long term health benefits of eternal winter by Jadis the White Queen

Always winter and never christmas A collection of anecdotes

What not to do on a rainy day by the Pevensie family

The Apple Diet by the Pevensie family foreword by Trumpkin the Dwarf

Whats that you say? Memoirs of Trumpkin the Dwarf

Dances with Fauns: A complete collection of ritual dances Anonymous

Dances with Gnomes: A guide to the Underworld by Golg the Gnome

Never leave home without the sewing machine by Mrs. Beaver

Mr. Beaver's guide to building a Dam by Mr. Beaver

Narnia and the North! My journey home Memoirs of King Cor foreword by Bree the horse
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