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Concerning Warning

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2010, 00:25
by Reep
carol wrote:Reep, I can see that for you Lucy Barfield is a crucial person for the creation and ongoing popularity of Narnia. While I do not share your views, and believe you have overstated the case, I am content to let you enjoy this view.

I would warn others however not to see young Miss Barfield as some sort of Patron Saint of the Chronicles.

Dear carol, I certainly can understand your concern and your need to warn us not to see Lucy Barfield as a saint. But I believe you are also overstating what I meant... The crucial person for the creation of Narnia - is and can be no other than only Lewis himself. It can be nothing else than his life-long tremendous love of God and people. And in this concrete case - his love for one living and concrete little girl of four.

This love kept his attention and gave him focus for almost nine years. In subtle ways also affecting and molding whatever he wrote. Lucy Barfield is reflected in the entire book, not only in its most important and most beautiful character. An that is all. I do not think Lewis ever tried to base his book on any single person. But he might have had some picture of what he wished his god-daughter to be. Less seeing what she was, seeing more her future potental. And at the same time also subtly connecting with the potental of every child.

P.S. September 30th. The Going Away Party is already in full swing. Jesus is also among the invited guests. Ready - if it will be necessary - to turn our water into wine.
So as not to interrupt it I place this little urgent message I just received from England here: The Owen Barfield Literary Estate plans to have a small section on Lucy Barfield in the near future. They can be found at: