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Narnia Personality Test

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Postby Ticket2theMoon » 15 Jan 2007, 04:00

I'm Reepicheep, one of my absolute favorite characters. I totally relate to somebody who is small and easily overlooked but shouldn't be! That's also why I love hobbits. I'm one of those people, too.

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Postby Pete » 15 Jan 2007, 06:37

Larry W. wrote:Prince Rilian was weak while under the spell of the Emerald Witch, but he became much stronger after being freed from her power. Before that Jill and Eustace thought he was a "sap", but that wasn't his true self. He helps them get back to Narnia by destroying the silver chair along with the witch herself.

Indeed I'm well aware of that, but I think anyone who was in Prince Rillian's position would have fell under the Lady of the Green Kirtle's spell. My question perhaps would have been better worded, "what's wrong with being identified with a similar personality to Prince Rillian?" :idea:
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Postby LucyPevensie » 15 Jan 2007, 20:25

Nothing is really wrong with prince Rilian, don't get me wrong but I really did want to be someone cuter like Reepicheep or Lucy but I guess I shouldn't take people at face value. :grin: Wow, you guys really take things seriously. jk.

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