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literary/pop culture references to Narnia

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literary/pop culture references to Narnia

Postby matdonna » 14 Feb 2007, 04:00

after I posted the "Bridge to Terebithia" thread starter, it occurred to me it might be interesting to find out about any other pop culture or literary references to Narnia that anybody else here might know about.

The "Terebithia" book is a good start-- the imaginary land created by the children in that book is a single letter away from "Terebinthia", a neighboring country in the world of Narnia. And in BTT, the two main characters discuss the Narnia books.

I seem to have heard of a musical group called Silver Chair. Anyone know about that or any other interesting references?
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Postby Warrior 4 Jesus » 14 Feb 2007, 12:03

Yeah, there's an Aussie rock band called 'Silver Chair', there's a Norwegian (Christian) 80's style rock band called 'Narnia'. There are references to Narnia in everything from Ted Dekker books to Family Guy.

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Postby BeeLayne » 14 Feb 2007, 15:17

There's an Irish band called "Aslan".
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Postby Maid of Ithilien » 15 Feb 2007, 13:52

I just saw the preview for Bridge to Terebithia. It does look interesting!
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Postby Esther » 21 Feb 2007, 18:40

Wikipedia's got a whole entry entitled "The Chronicles of Narnia in Popular Culture." Interestingly, it seems to be only the musical references and some of the literary ones that really seem to be honoring the books. Most of the television references are rather irreverent.

And I can add one to the music references. The band Over the Rhine have a song entitled "Jack's Valentine" with the line "It snows in here, it snows forever/But there's no Christmas underneath this weather."
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TV reference

Postby Guest » 21 Feb 2007, 21:33

I remember once on the TV show Friends, Chandler was asked what the purpose of his third nipple was. He replied that it opened a door to the magical world of Narnia. It was of course, a sarcastic response. Nubbins actually have no magical powers.

Postby captainhaddock » 23 Feb 2007, 14:22

In a rather coarse British comedy series called Gimme Gimme Gimme a few years ago, one of the characters (who was gay - it was established earlier in the episode) was asked if he was gay, and he denied it. The main guy's response was: 'That's because he's so far back in the closet, he's in ***ing Narnia!"
I was laughing about that for days afterwards.
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Postby Stanley Anderson » 23 Feb 2007, 15:36

I suppose I might mention a poetic and musical reference of my wife Angelee's works from a page on our (long outdated) website ( where she writes:

"[This] sonnet is a companion poem to my musical suite, The Sunrise Path. Each of the sonnet's fourteen lines, in order, refers to the subject of one of the suite's fourteen musical pieces."

The Ship Remembers Her Life
at the Moment of Her Dying

Shipwright fresh, I chased the sunrise-path
'Cross lonely isles, new-armed to greet their king,
Through maelstrom, and becalmèd aftermath,
Where wyrmish scales, claw-stripped, fell clattering.

From tomb of ash, a mouse-fit craft I raised,
Behemoth's coils of crushing ardour quelled;
And sodden death as wealth I misappraised,
And mage's witless charges unbespelled.

I sailed past dreams of torture come alive,
Found firebird-song, and bound a starry bride,
Felt water sweet, on which merpeople thrive,
And lilies, press my port and starboard side.

Home west I turned, Lion-Light my stern upon:
Now turn, my prow, to clasp His hem of Dawn.

(©1997 by Angelee Sailer Anderson)

A couple samples and a description of the pieces can be found at There are no direct references due to copyright issues, but a joyful influence may be detected in the works.

…on a night of rain Frodo smelled a sweet fragrance on the air and heard the sound of singing that came over the water. And then it seemed to him that as in his dream in the house of Bombadil, the grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a fair green country under a swift sunrise.
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Postby Ticket2theMoon » 23 Feb 2007, 18:51

There's a concept album from the 70's that tells the story of LLW...gosh, I have it, but I don't remember what it's called (I think the only time I've listened to it was in the car on the way home after I bought it. It wasn't to my taste)...I wouldn't even know where to look, we have hundreds of CD's.

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Postby carol » 23 Feb 2007, 23:27

Ticket, I think you are referring to Second Chapter of Acts' album "Roar of Love".... which is still great music! (re-released, I believe - try searching online for either the title or the band)
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Postby Sven » 24 Feb 2007, 00:33

In volume 2 of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, there is a brief mention of a top secret government project centered on a heavily guarded apple tree in the Kew Botanical Gardens. The only clue to its origin is a note which has scrawled on it "Narnia?".
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Postby Erekose » 24 Feb 2007, 00:50

Vivian gets to visit "Narnia" in "The Young Ones", ends up irritating the White Witch and I think he head-buts her dwarf too.

I don't recall which Discworld book its in, but I'm sure theres a mention about wardrobes being dangerous things in The Unseen University because of not knowing where one may end up

/me realises that its been too long since reading Discworld
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