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Planet Narnia

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Postby Mr Hooper » 06 Jul 2008, 22:59

Ok, I'll grant that nonsense is a bit too harsh a word. But I don't think that claiming that TLOTR is an allegory for the A-bomb is necessarily that much farther from the mark than what Ward is arguing about Narnia. It just so happens that Tolkien refuted the claim while he was alive. It seems to me that Ward is quite wrong in claiming that Lewis organised the Chronicles according to a secret scheme. In this he is no more or less correct than those who claimed that Tolkien had written an allegory about contemporary events. But of course there is, as I said, much to enjoy in Ward's book. Lewis' knowledge of the medieval world model certainly infused the Narniad and that is why there is so much to uncover, even if the thesis is wrong.
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Re: Planet Narnia

Postby matdonna » 16 Mar 2010, 22:09

An interesting post WRT Planet Narnia. I still haven't got round to reading the book..shame on me! ... louan.html
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Re: Planet Narnia

Postby cyranorox » 15 Jun 2010, 19:12

Having read it, and having a fair background in Medieval studies as well as Lewis, Dante, and other related topics, I find the argument persuasive. It accounts for matters that otherwise appear either obscure or isolated. It accounts for the coherence of the 'feel' of Narnia. The extensive cross references with Lewis's poetry [which I dont care for] ground it in the patterns and images of his thought.
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I plan to reference it in a book I am planning, as the Jupiter/Saturn dichotomy is on point and evocative for some of my issues.
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