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Do you own the Narnia Cookbook?

Please don't close the door behind you.

Do you own a copy of the Narnia Cookbook?

Yes! I got it when it was still in print, for around the retail price.
Yes! I got it after it went out of print, but found it for a really good price.
Yes! I got it after it went out of print, and paid a pretty penny for it.
No votes
No. I wish I did have it, but I'm not about to pay what it would cost nowadays.
No. I wish I did have it, and will probably get it one of these days, even though it costs quite a bit. It's a collector's item, after all.
No. It does nothing for me.
Total votes : 14

Postby Lady_Gwendolene » 06 Jun 2008, 13:56

Don't bend it out. Simply have cut off copies. You should be able to make them out anyway.
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Postby seaJane » 20 Jun 2008, 00:20

I didn't know the book even existed until right now! Was it only published in the US?

And does it include a recipe for marmalade roll? "gloriously sticky" ... I've never been able to find one ...

We read all the Narnia books aloud at one sitting in my second year at Oxford (29 1/2 hours, incidentally) and we did try to feed ourselves appropriately; I remember mackerel and apple kebabs in the ruins of Cair Paravel ...
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Re: Do you own the Narnia Cookbook?

Postby Michael » 07 Apr 2010, 00:42

Has anyone ever tried the recipes in this? What did you think?
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Re: Do you own the Narnia Cookbook?

Postby Jibby57 » 10 Apr 2010, 22:41

I am fortunate enough to have a Narnia cookbook signed by Douglas Gresham.
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