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Wardrobians report on PC--Warning! Spoilers allowed!

PostPosted: 14 May 2008, 13:06
by Messenger_of_Eden
I want to see it as soon as possible, just because for certain kinds of movies that is my tradition. I cannot see it Friday (Opening Night) but I will be going to see it Saturday. We'll be Fandangoing our tickets today. :pleased: It would be fun to have reports from Wardrobians and coordinated waves of viewing!

Our plan is to go early Saturday, probably to a late morning showing.

PostPosted: 14 May 2008, 13:18
by Larry W.
I do plan to see it, but I will wait for the matinees so I can get a cheaper ticket. I dislike noisy, crowded theaters because they are distractions when watching a film.

Larry W.

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 00:07
by Messenger_of_Eden
Depending on the kind of noise, I enjoy a crowded theater for an action/adventure/fantasy movie. If it is a crowd full of attentive people and not squalling children too young to grasp the concept of courtesy, it's no fun. (Even one such child can ruin a theater experience)--but for instance when I saw Signs, it was a crowded theater of the right kind, and we all laughed and jumped and screamed at the same time, and laughed at each other jumping and screaming, and it was one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I have ever had. So, it definitely depends. :smile:

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 03:17
by Pete
I'll most likely be seeing it on opening night, here in Australia (Thursday 5 June), otherwise, Friday 6 June... I'm hugely looking forward to it (despite the well publicised changes), I think over all I'm going to be very happy with it. I'm looking forward to reading a few Wardrobian reviews also. :toothy-grin:

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 04:21
by Messenger_of_Eden
I feel the same--I heartily disapprove of many of the changes, as it seems to me that Adamson feels it is not good enough in its classical form, and that HE can make it better by spicing it up--really by diluting what was right and inserting a 21st century twist or two (in the attitudes and behavior of the characters and such)--that said, I am eagerly anticipating it anyway. I can't help myself. If I just look at it first as a great fantasy movie and only second as a classic tale shoehorned into Adamson's idea, I think I will enjoy it very much. :wink:

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 04:30
by Pete
I don't necessarily know he was thinking that way...but I must admit, I also consider PC to be a bit dull compared to all of the other books, and thus needs changing to make it more film friendly. And I really do think they've tried to capture the heart of the book even with the changes they've made. As disappointing as some of the changes may be (or at least, are reported to be), I'm taking the reports as a grain of salt - and I won't be very surprised if this one equals up (in some ways) to it's source material - in my opinion anyway. :thinking:

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 11:02
by Larry W.
I'm glad that new film is offering us much more than the BBC's one hour version. Although Prince Caspian may not be as great as the other Narnia books, it is still entitled to a full length film. The BBC apparently shortened the story to only a hour because they wanted to spend less money on making a TV special from a book which wasn't as popular as the other six Narnia adventures.

Larry W.

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 12:59
by Messenger_of_Eden
I just saw that our theater is playing a 12:01 am showing tonight!! :grin:

Of course, as tomorrow is a work day, it's not only out of the question that I attend, as I get up at 4:20 am, which is about when I would get home from the theater, but I'd probably fall asleep anyway. Last night my brain shut me down at 8:30! Wimpy, no? :thinking:

PostPosted: 15 May 2008, 19:55
by rusmeister
Ha ha ha. It has already been released in Russia (May 15). The problem is finding a blinking theater that is running it in the original language (English) with subtitles, rather than dubbing. You should see the ads plastered all over Moscow.

PostPosted: 16 May 2008, 01:44
by Messenger_of_Eden
Gotta love Russia! :lol:

PostPosted: 16 May 2008, 07:50
by Pete
I just read this review on, so it's obviously not my view :wink:, but what I found interesting about this article, was that it was fairly balanced about the changes in the movie from the book, because I have noticed that all the reviews I have been reading up until this one have been either completely for the movie, or completely against it (mainly because of the changes), where as this one, says that the changes "both help the film and hurt it" - just as I was assuming would be the case.

Anyway, take a read, if you will... :read:

PostPosted: 16 May 2008, 13:11
by CKinna
I am currently at work, living off of coffee because I went to the midnight showing. My theatre was pretty much filled (MD) even with the rain. I enjoyed the movie. Of course I can voice many, many complaints, but when all is said and done, many individuals are being introduced to Narnia and Lewis and that is a good thing. I know many of us will want to voice our many let downs and I suppose that is what this forum is for. I still want to stress the positive - the movies are cool and many will read the book for the first time and find an even cooler book. While I was a Narnia reader first I was a LOTR moviegoer before I got around to reading the books, now I am a hooked reader, the films are still cool, but not as cool as the books.

If you know anyone in the Frederick, MD area we will be having a month long Prince Caspian discussion group -

PostPosted: 16 May 2008, 13:48
by LordRhoop
terrible. just terrible. I'm really just not sure that andrew adamson bothered to read the book, he certainly wasn't very familiar with any of the characters' names. If I wanted to see LOTR I would have just watched my dvd. I'm done with these movies, I'll go back to my books now please!

at least in the first film, the book was represented fairly fully around the extra stuff he threw in, but this left out major themes of the book while wasting an hour and a half on things that were never part of the story at all. And the ones that were left in were horribly altered and mangled so that they no longer made any sense whatsoever.

Adamson had an opportunity and, along with that, an obligation to bring our beloved stories to life, instead he has selfishly made films about his erroneous childhood memories that vaguely resemble the chronicles of Narnia with a dash of rivendell and legolas thrown in because he thinks he should have gotten peter jackson's job.

p.s. the acting and prosthetics were just laughable. outside of the the four main children, dr. cornelius (not that you would know who dr. cornelius is, since they never tell you), and various telmarines, everyone else overacted and made the whole thing look plain silly. the messy shoe-polish covered latex didn't help their case any.

PostPosted: 16 May 2008, 18:32
by Sven
She and I went to the 10am show this morning. I wore my 2456317 shirt, She wore her Aslan earrings.

My take:

For anyone looking for a clean, family-friendly action movie, it was excellent. It's to be hoped that anyone that sees the movie with those expectations will be inspired to go read the book.

For anyone looking for a movie version of C. S. Lewis' Prince Caspian, not very good, alas. The best you could say is 'inspired by Prince Caspian'. The acting was mostly ok, Peter Dinklage was pretty good as Trumpkin, and Sergio Castellitto really chewed the scenery up as King Miraz (which sounds bad, but the part really required that style of Charlton Heston scenery chewing). The only truly awful bit for me was that the last two minutes of the movie, for some inexplicable reason, the soundtrack was given over to bizarre elevator music with lyrics. I suspect the songwriter was somebody's brother-in-law, there certainly couldn't have been any artistic reason for including it.

PostPosted: 17 May 2008, 04:14
by Guest
Just got back from watching the film. I have to say that there were aspects of the film which reminded me of the story of Prince Caspian, but not too many. The opening credits should have said, "Loosely based on the book by C.S. Lewis." I considered taking a month off of the Wardrobe to avoid all the complaints that will be rolling in. This was a different story from PC with different characters from the book, although they had the same names.

Having said all that, I enjoyed the movie. There were times I squirmed at the changes from the book, but as a stand alone movie apart from the book, I thought it was pretty good. The audience in the theater certainly loved it (although there were some purists in the bathroom after the movie complaining).

I did think they did a great job with Reepicheep and there were some great perfomances especially from the Telmarines.

I also think that Georgie Henley is going to grow up to be prettier than Anna Popplewell, and that's saying something.


Some things I didn't like:

Lucy sitting on the stone table. Yes I know it may have been symbolic since she was speaking for Aslan at the time, but it still seemed a bit sacreligious.

Aslan saying "We can never know what would have happened" instead of "What would have happened? Nobody is told that." (quotes are not exact)

After all the fuss about the picture we saw of Susan teaching Caspian to shoot an arrow and the flirtatious look in his eye, THE SCENE WASN'T EVEN IN THE MOVIE!! Personally, I think they should have kept it in because without it I thought the kiss at the end seemed gratuitous. Innocent, but gratuitous.

Aslan and Trufflehunter are barely in the movie. Aslan is talked about quite a bit, and his "presence" is definitely there, but I missed seeing more of him. The loss of Aslan's romp probably has something to do with him being missing in action.

Peter's fight at the beginning of the movie. If it was an idea that was supposed to be developed, I think they dropped the ball.

With the Spanish accents, I kept expecting Caspian to say, "Hello. My name is Prince Caspian. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Some things I did like:

Peter's fight with Miraz. That was pretty cool.

The aforementioned Reepicheep.

There were some great moments and lines, although I can't remember them all right now (it's getting late).

I liked that they included Edmund's sticking up for Lucy when she first sees Aslan.

I liked that they included Aslan's disappointment in Lucy's not following him alone.

Well. It's time for bed now. I'll let someone else whine for a while.

- Dan -