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C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis

Postby Georgia » 24 Apr 2008, 17:42


I am doing a paper on C.S.Lewis, and I was wondering if there was any other interesting information that anyone can give me?? :toothy-grin:

Postby Leslie » 24 Apr 2008, 17:56

Hi Georgia,

Have you looked through the faq, bio, works, papers, and other resources tabs at the top of this webpage? What is your paper about - his life or a specific period of his life, his writings, his teaching, his friendships, his pets, his other interests (eg walking and beer)?
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C. S. Lewis

Postby Georgia » 24 Apr 2008, 17:59

I am doing it on his entire life...and yes, I have looked through the bio and pictures :cool:

Postby john » 24 Apr 2008, 18:14

Georgia, if you've looked through all the materials I have placed on this site, then you pretty much have all we can offer, without specific questions.

I also recommend that you use and look him up there, although I'd be just a little careful in taking it all as fact (most of it is, for certain).
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Postby carol » 24 Apr 2008, 22:50

Georgia, have you looked at any books? There are lots of useful bios, (including some written for younger readers)- try your local library.

I am a firm believer in BOOKS as a source. Using the internet can make students lazy - and they only get some of the information.
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C. S. Lewis

Postby Georgia » 25 Apr 2008, 17:07

Thanks!! :smile:

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