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What is presented on this site is for the strengthening of knowledge and interest of author Clive Staples "Jack" Lewis. Every reasonable effort has been made to obtain permission for the material presented here, however it has not always been possible. Though I believe my use of this material is harmless, anything placed here without permission will be removed or modified upon written request of the copyright owner.

Since I do not have legal ownership of much of the material presented, I do not have the legal authority to give permission for others to use it. Please do not ask me for permission.

The daily quote, sound files, and illustrations by Pauline Baynes are provided with the permission of The C. S. Lewis Company and HarperCollins Publishers, are under copyright, and may not be reproduced in any manner.

All other material presented is under copyright by their respective organizations. The presentation of this web site is under copyright and may not be copied in any fashion. All material not already under copyright is, essentially, uncopyrighted and can be considered free to use. Please give appropriate credit where it is due.