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Monica wrote:
The format is seamless and flowing, and I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of synonyms you came up with for the word said.

You're welcome Monica.

I was worried about how the study would look because I did not want to post each original posting by itself. So I thought that Posting my "kick-off" post followed by all the comments in quote format would look best. Narrating the comments was the hard part. I included almost every one of them. And yes, I had to make it more interesting than "he said - she said" back and forth. Those titles in quotes above the quotations are the original titles of the postings. I included them whenever they added to the posting.

Statistics: Posted by Kanakaberaka — 16 May 2006, 19:17

2006-05-16T12:29:40+00:00 <![CDATA[Out of the Silent Planet • Thank You, K.!]]> said.

Thanks again, K!

Statistics: Posted by Monica — 16 May 2006, 12:29

2006-05-16T09:58:08+00:00 <![CDATA[Out of the Silent Planet • New forum]]>
Okay, the appearance of this forum requires a bit of explaining...

Some time ago, when the forums were in a different format, we had a book study for Out of the Silent Planet, facilitated by our own Kanakaberaka. The success of the study prompted him to work very hard to repost it into the new format for all to enjoy.

We decided to open it up, rather lock the threads, to allow additional discussion on each chapter. I'll keep it open for awhile, I think, and then lock it down and add it to the archives.

On a final note, you'll notice that the chapters are currently (as of this posting) listed from last to first. That is because of the way the forums work...with the newest posts going to the top. So just scroll to the bottom and work your way up. :)

Statistics: Posted by john — 16 May 2006, 09:58

2006-05-15T16:19:06+00:00 <![CDATA[Out of the Silent Planet • Comments about Kanakaberaka Bonus]]>

Thanks for sharing, K. I don't think there's a Lewis character with whom I feel such an affiliation as you do with Kanakaberaka. Well, except possibly Orual PRE-transformation. What does is say in there somewhere about her? When she was younger she thought changing her hair or her clothes would help improve her looks, but as she got older she realized it was hopeless? :-)

I like the fact that your last name is similar to the name Kanakaberaka. Kanakaberaka probably had a nickname -- unless the pfifltriggi really LIKED long names, and didn't shorten them -- and it might have sounded quite similar to your last name. I can picture his mother calling him with the diminutive: "Kania, come in for dinner."

The Big Sleep J replied to Monica :

Well, since they talk fast, as our resident Pfifltriggi said, they had to make up long names so that they wont get confused with each others names. Sort of to avoid a "Hello, Bruce" situation.

Monica replied to TBSJ :

good point J.!

I replied to Monica with "Till We Have Nicknames" :

Gosh Monica, I hope your parents did not refer to you as their "goblin daughter" as the King refered to his Orual. But seriously, I think most of us reach a point in life where we realize that getting others to like us with the help of fashion is a waste of time.

so it goes...

TBSJ had this to add :

Hmmmmm. If you are like Kanakaberaka the Pfifltriggi, then did you carve a likeness of Carol when she passed through New York on a column? Just kidding!!

Funny that you've found such a likeness in such a strange character. And that your names, Kania, and Kanaka... almost match. Odd. Very odd. It's too odd to be a coincidence. (gets crazy looks in my eyes)

The only CS Lewis character that I represent mentally is Puddlegum, which does not even appear in this story.

I can remember trying, in my early days in the Wardrobe, to draw paralels between CS Lewis and Tolkien by calling the Pfifltriggi the dwarves and the Sorns the Elves, which is not very accurate, really. But the Pfifltriggi and the Dwarfs are kinda alike, since they like mining and making things.

I replied to TBSJ with "carving up the Big Apple" :

did you carve a likeness of Carol when she passed through New York on a column? - TBSJ
Unfortunatly the parks department would not let me. Something about three dimensional graffiti. But we did take photos of each other and Carla with Carol's digital camera. And there's one carving I'm still looking for at Carol's request - the Fredrick Law Olmsted memorial, assuming it exists there.

The funny thing is that most readers say they like a certain character, such as Puddleglum in your case, because of the character's thoughts and actions. This is not the case with myself and Kanakaberaka and myself. Lewis tells us very little about the personality of this one pfifltrigg. It's just a bunch of odd and no doubt meaningless coincidences, most of which I'm probably reading into chapter 16.

I looked up some illustrations of Arthur Rackham's dwarfs and they have a sort of tapir look to them.

so it goes...

Carol posted "Could I please clarify.... " :

... and point out that I did not pass through New York on a column.
I travelled by subway, foot, taxi, shuttle, escalator, elevator, and the Circle Line ferry, (and overhead by aeroplane) but at no time was I seen on a column, moving or otherwise!!

Statistics: Posted by Kanakaberaka — 15 May 2006, 16:19

2006-05-15T16:03:57+00:00 <![CDATA[Out of the Silent Planet • Now it can be told - A Kanakaberaka Bonus]]> A KANAKABERAKA BONUS :
We interrupt this scholarly study to bring you a blatently personal posting.
Q : Why have I chosen to post under the name "Kanakaberaka" in these forums?
A : As you all know by now, the name refers to the first pfifltrigg Ransom encounters on Malacandra. There are a few odd things in chapter 17 of "Out of the Silent Planet" that resonate in my imagination. Trivial small things, for the most part. Yet I find an odd familiarity with chapter 17. And it's more than the fact that the first three letters of Kanakaberaka's name are the same as my last name, Kania.

First, when Ransom offers his wrist-watch to Augray as a thank you gift, Augray reluctantly turns down the offer saying that the watch would be better appreciated by a pfifltrigg. Oddly enough I do not like to wear any jewelry myself, exept for wrist-watches, which I love. I suppose it's because they are functional rather than simply decorative.

Next, and more importantly there is Ransom's avoidance of the newly arrived guests on Meldilorn. I have those feelings of anxiety quite often when faced with many new guests anywhere. And my usual reaction is to retreat as Ransom did. And then he goes on to spend his time examining the stone carvings he found inland. Then he comes apon one of the sculptors himself and is obliged to converse with him.

And what a discription Lewis gives of the pfifltriggi. While the sorns are depicted as intellectual giants, and the hrossa as rustic poets, the pfifltriggi are portrayed as the Malcandrian equivilent of studious nerds. They are very involved in their crafts rather than with other hnau. Which is what I am like. It is interesting that Ransom becomes sociable with such a creature.

Ransom makes some interesting comparisons about the appearance of this pfifltrigg, who's name is Kanakaberaka:
"It was rather like a grasshopper, rather like one of Arthur Rackham's dwarfs, rather like a frog, and rather like a little old taxidermist whom Ransom knew in London. "
While I do not look like a grasshopper or frog and I am too tall to be mistaken for one of fairy tale artist Arthur Rackham's dwarfs, the mention of the taxidermist reminded me of my large collection of plastic animals.

Then there's Kanakaberaka's voice:
"I know, I know," said the creature in a quick, twittering, rather impatient voice.
Sounds uncomfortably like myself when I'm in a hurry to explain something important.
The pfifltriggi also share my belief that professionals such as artists should do the grunt work of getting their raw materials to appreciate what it is they are working with. I think that people in power should be aware firsthand of all the manual labor required to make their business possible.

Finaly the dominance of females in pfifltriggi society :
Does no one keep your people at their work, Kanakaberaka ?"

"Our females," said the pfifltrigg with a piping noise which was apparently his equivalent for a laugh.

In my own life it has been my daughter, wife, late mother-in-law and my own mother who have kept me busy. Mostly with errands required of me of course. But my father and brother have not asked all that much of me over the years. Or maybe I just don't mind doing "guy thing" projects with them. Yet somehow it is the women in my life who seem to call the tune.

so it goes...

Statistics: Posted by Kanakaberaka — 15 May 2006, 16:03

2006-05-15T15:53:46+00:00 <![CDATA[Out of the Silent Planet • Original Comments about Malacandrian Doodles]]>

Nice. I like the Pfifltriggi more than all. Is it in the text that he has lots of things in his pockets, or were you thinking of them as super geeks with multiple pocket protectors?

Monica opined :

Hee hee. I liked the Pfifltriggi best too. The sorn looked a little more 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' than I would have expected. (Good chest muscles from all that thin air, maybe.)

I replied to Steve with "Malacandrian Nerds... " :

Is it in the text that he has lots of things in his pockets, or were you thinking of them as super geeks with multiple pocket protectors?
- Steve
As a matter of fact I have attempted to include all the details provided about the appearance of my namesake, Kanakaberaka, from chapter 17. That thing in his mouth is a small tool. I suppose the pfifltriggi might appear geeky because of their attention to artistic details and the fact that they live in a matriarchy.
There are a few details about the sorn which I have gotten wrong. But they are not very noticable in this size of picture.

The Big Sleep J compimented me with "Hnau now, brown cow.... " :

Great sketches, Kanak!

Sterk looks very good (although albeit a bit sparse). With color you'd be able to give a good concept of a town at dusk. Ransom looks good as well. The Hross looks good as well(although not as I imagined them the first time I read the book...I guess my view was incorrect ;-) ) and the sorn as well. As for your namesake, he was the one you've (obviously) placed the most detail in. Glad to finally see it.

I explained my sketches with "Color My World" :

I thought of using crayons to give these sketches some color. But I fell back on my Keep It Simple priciple, and left them as is. The pedestrian sketch was realy just a preliminary one I did on penfeed paper. I am surprised that Stanley saw fit to display it here. And I'm glad he did now that I see it posted. It looks much better since it's a lot smaller that the original. I was going to add some blue crayon streaks to simulate rain, but decided against it.

Stanley Anderson explained his inclusion of my sketch of The Pedestrian among this group :

I figured there should be a representative of each of the four hnau forms.


Statistics: Posted by Kanakaberaka — 15 May 2006, 15:53