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Into the Wardrobe A Community of Wardrobians 2010-09-30T22:53:11+00:00 2010-09-30T22:53:11+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Chapter 3 - The Arrival]]>
Thanks for the discussion. Fair winds and following seas to all.

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2010-09-27T15:04:23+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Chapter 3 - The Arrival]]> He sees it as a tremendous gift that, although it is freely given, is not without cost.
Many of the people on the bus, when they realize that they cannot simply stay as they are and move to higher ground, are not willing to bear that cost.
I believe that it is much the same with people in general. They want to call themselves Christian but they don't really want to change their lives.

Statistics: Posted by paminala — 27 Sep 2010, 15:04

2010-09-25T07:24:42+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Chapter 3 - The Arrival]]> The Great Divorce explains so much about God's Grace, and why so many of us are reluctant to take Him up on His offer to us.

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Why do you think the ghosts are transparent while the Bright People are solid?

Maybe I'm just restating what has already been said, but I think one's state of solidity or lack thereof is directly related to character development. The more your "insides" approach what God made you to be, the more solid your outside becomes. And being focused on God, rather than on yourself seems to be the key point. So ironically, the more you are worried about yourself, the more you try to hold onto yourself, the less of you there is to hold onto.

Why cliffs and not clouds? Why country and not city? Why open countryside and not pearly gates?

This seems a simple question, but it's intriguing. Of course, heaven is portrayed as open country in TLB as well so there is a trend there. Tolkien also sets nature against city/industry and favors nature. I think it has a lot to do with living in the industrial age. Before that, a city was a thing of wonder and a sign of power that many people never saw in their life. That changed as cities became overcrowded, dirty and impersonal places. Now most people equate nature with purity. And skyscrapers no longer inspire the same sense of wonder they once did. By contrast, we do continue to look at nature with a sense of wonder which even Steve Jobs' newest gadget can't quite elicit from us.

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2010-09-11T16:41:38+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Chapter 3 - The Arrival]]>
The lesson he must learn is to open his heart and accept that which is offered freely so that he will be able to give of himself in the same spirit.

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Nerd42 wrote:
Heavenly Matter
Everything is bigger and solider out here. This is when we start seeing the passengers as "ghosts" - people we can see through. What do you think that suggests?
(trying to lead discussion here, not just spill all the beans myself)

The passengers starting to look ghostlike is the first hint we have of being in a more solid world. For me, this indicates that even the light - or perhaps I should say, especially the light - is more real. Therefor more piercing. And I don't think I'd like suddenly seeing everyone around me turn into a ghost, not to mention seeing myself go all see-through. I'm sure that would be rather disconcerting.

Nerd42 wrote:
The Big Man
The Great Divorce wrote:"Hi, Mister," said the Big Man, addressing the Driver, "when have we got to go back?"
"You need never come back unless you want to," he replied. "Stay as long as you please."
There was an awkward pause.

The Big Man obviously doesn't want to stay but also doesn't want to make it sound like he's over-eager to leave. I think at this point he is still trying to sort out his feelings about the place but we come to his big scene in the next chapter.

This is so true. When faced with a promise in the unknown, we do tend to prefer the known, no matter how desolate it is. The unknown is scary, even without bizarre qualities like turning ghosty and grass that hurts your feet. This is what I love about this book. It's a totally different take on the whole "the path is narrow and the way is hard". Lewis is saying the way is hard not because we will necessarily be persecuted for our faith or because we'll be tempted to drink and carouse. It's hard because it forces you to face yourself and your fears and live with a courage to accept the unknown. Which is so much harder than just staying sober.

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