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Cambrige Platonists & Metaphysical Poets

Plato to MacDonald to Chesterton, Tolkien and the Boys in the Pub.

Cambrige Platonists & Metaphysical Poets

Postby Lioba » 05 Mar 2010, 18:48

First I want to say, that this is NOt an attempt to revive the philosophy threads!
So what happened is that I, an elderly, honest married woman fell in love. Here´s a pic of the guy: ... mg0243.jpg :wink:
He is one of the " metaphysical poets" somehow? related to the "Cambrigde Platonists". All new stuff to me.
[ Isn´t it great? The older we become the more things we find that are still to learn.]
So what I want to ask is if there is a line we can draw from these men to Lewis and the Inklings.

This does also not mean that I´ve become unfaithful to Aristotle. :toothy-grin:
Iustitia est ad alterum.
Iustitia est ad alterum.
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