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scientism meets the old gods

The final book in Lewis' theological science fiction Space Trilogy.

scientism meets the old gods

Postby Ribston Pippin » 26 Jan 2010, 21:52

Hi all

One day a few weeks after the Perelandra conference and opera in Oxford last June, I woke up one morning with an idea about a sequel to That hideous Strength (THS), with Mark and Jane Studdock's grandson becoming Pendragon and facing new challenges, or rather old challenges renewed, in the 21st century. I started sketching out some notes and soon realised that this was probably not a good idea, discussions about CSL 'fan lit' and CSLs suggestion to child fans that if they wanted more Narnia stories they should try writing some themselves notwithstanding. So ideas about an entirely new novel (if there is any such thing) exploring some CSL-identified themes in a different style for a different time, began to swirl round and infest my mind. Inspiration rather than plagiarism.

Anyhow, one of the big themes in THS (and there are several themes in this novel, which is SO much richer and deeper than generally credited) is old evil meeting up and combining with new evil to give us 1 +1=5 or more, the sum being worse than the parts, producing a godless tyranny whcih chews up everything in its path, and all in the name of.....whatever we fools currently worship instead of Maleldil.

I have been sketching out a future Britain, circa 2090, which is post-industrial, post-Christian, decimated population and an all powerful state religion run by scientist-druids who appeal to a sort of intelligent design evolution origin belief system which had brought back the old Roman, Norse, Greek and other pagan gods and blended them with the worst aspects of 20th century secular humanism.

Any reflections, suggestions, imprecations, desolations on this train of thought?
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Re: scientism meets the old gods

Postby Matthew Whaley » 28 Jan 2010, 05:50

I am a reader not a writer; but if I were, I would start with all the characters and flesh each one out with a complete history up to the point where the story begins. Regardless if you decide to try, I think it makes a very good topic for discussion.
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Re: scientism meets the old gods

Postby Kanakaberaka » 08 Feb 2010, 19:39

Ribston Pippin wrote:
Any reflections, suggestions, imprecations, desolations on this train of thought?

Greetings Ribston Pippin;
I really appreciate all the posters I can get on my THS study forum. However, since I am attempting to lead this study, could you please post your opinions and suggestions under one of the existing chapter headings rather than begining a new one of your own. Your suggestion for a THS sequel would have gone very well with one of the later chapters of the book.

That said, I like the ideas you have for a THS sequel, even though That Hideous Strength is my least favorite book of the space trilogy. It reminds me of a writing project a friend of mine had which he subtitled The Deplorable World. It was inspired by the "Deplorable Word" uttered by Jadis in The Magician's Nephew. He ever finished this rather long novel. But what he did was take every sort of thing which Lewis would have seen as wrong and put it into a world he called "Ghenmuil". Fan fiction is a great idea, as long as it's not confused with the original author's ideas.
so it goes...
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