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Film Footage Of Lewis

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Film Footage Of Lewis

Postby sheeba » 13 Jan 2010, 05:15

Are there even a few seconds of footage of Lewis? I have seen footage of Chesterton, Conan Doyle, Mark Twain... surely something exists!
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Re: Film Footage Of Lewis

Postby msd1835 » 29 Jan 2010, 14:48

I've never heard of any film footage, but I too would love to see some. I would assume that if anyone had acquired footage it would have been on one of the Lewis documentaries, but there are none that I've seen so far. I don't think I have seen any of Tolkien either. Maybe they were shy or something.
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Re: Film Footage Of Lewis

Postby ladysherlockian » 30 Jan 2010, 21:31

Maybe it would be a good idea to try and search for CS Lewis on Youtube? I remember watching short films with Tolkien there.. or were they just photos and his voice recorded?

Actually, I've done Google search for "CS Lewis footage" and it seems there are no video recordings of him, only one audio recording from the BBC. It is the only one that survived the war, and the rest were destroyed(or so I learned at the Youtube). - here in the section "Audio" you can listen to the recording.

And this is the Youtube version - I haven't listened to both files, but perhaps this is the same recording. Before the speech, there is some textual information about the recording in the video.
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Re: Film Footage Of Lewis

Postby Mr Hooper » 05 Feb 2010, 00:20

I am not aware of any Lewis footage either, but there is some of Tolkien, unless my memory is faulty - I remember clips in a BBC documentary several years back. There's sure to be some of it on youtube. It is pretty surprising that there isn't something in existence of Lewis, and a real shame. Maybe it's more because of the sort of man Lewis was than any lack of interest or means.
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Re: Film Footage Of Lewis

Postby Sven » 05 Feb 2010, 20:34

ladysherlockian wrote:...only one audio recording from the BBC. It is the only one that survived the war, and the rest were destroyed(or so I learned at the Youtube)...

Alternatively, you can click on the 'multimedia' tab at the top of this page, select 'audio recordings', and listen to all four of the surviving audio clips of Lewis.
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