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The 8th Book

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The 8th Book

Postby NARNIA4EVER » 13 Nov 2009, 13:30

Romour has it.....

The 8th book will bring all four back to Narnia, the reason is that The White Witch has returned from the dead,
In this book Lucy Ed Susan and Peter are grown up, living their lifes , Lucy has just bought the Professors old house and in a dream she gets a message to gather her sister and brothers.

They are all sitting by the fireplace talking about old memories from their adventures in Narnia, when suddenly a whisper from the open fire draws them back to Narnia, and the endless winter,Finding themselfes being children again,

In this book the 4 kings and queens will discover things that they have missed from before, and also meet old friends from the past,
The white witch knew that 4 children of Adam and Eve was the only real thing to keep her away, and since that was not so she could return and start her reign of terror again. Stronger, more powerful and beeing in the underworld so long she will be the fight of the childrens lifes.

Aslan has not been seen for a long time and the walls of magic around Narnia will keep him away for good unless,.... well
In the end the four children will be given a choice, to stay for good or return to their adult lifes....
what will it be?
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Re: The 8th Book

Postby Sven » 13 Nov 2009, 20:15

Welcome, "nice guy from Sweden". I'm afraid there is a policy of no fan fiction here in the Wardrobe, you can get more information here.
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Re: The 8th Book

Postby archenland_knight » 15 Nov 2009, 22:44

This site does have a no-fanfiction rule. But in addition to that:

1. Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and even Eustace and Jill are what we in the shadow lands call "dead". They are in Aslan's Country. People don't "come back" from there.

2. There is no more Narnia to return to. In TLB it was made clear that the world of Narnia had ended. It no longer exists. Even if the White Witch could rise from the dead, she would rise into a nothingness like that which exists before a universe begins. She can rule that if she likes. She'll probably wish she had just stayed dead.

3. No magic can keep Aslan out of Narnia, or anywhere else he wants to go! Narnia exists because he sang it into existence. He created it himself. The White Witch hereself understood from beginning to end that she was powerless against him. Only when he had allowed her to kill him did she think she had a chance. To suggests otherwise is to write about a character so different from Lewis' Aslan as to be writing another story altogether different from Narnia anyway. I know this site has a "No Fanfiction" rule, but if you write a story with an Aslan that can be "kept out" but some magic of the White Witch, I'm not sure it classifies as a "Narnia" story at all.
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Re: The 8th Book

Postby Pete » 18 Nov 2009, 11:58

Bleh! I'm sorry to say that doesn't sound anything like Narnia - despite the fact that has been previously stated that this is a no-fan-fiction site, and the obvious reasons archenland_knight pointed just wouldn't work. Sorry... :confused:
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Re: The 8th Book

Postby Erekose » 20 Nov 2009, 18:22

/me pokes his head in.. and heads into "Heretic Mode"

Subsequent "Narnia" stories aren't possible for the above reasons.

However.. hypothetically... to gloss over my heresies...

Additional books.. IF CAREFULLY WRITTEN could deal with the followiong events...

1) The discovery of Charn by the Celtic/Romano tribes left after the withdrawal of Romes influence (from a personal view.. i would en visage a remnant of Viroconium attempting to retain the old Order as Chaos descends.. and encountering a passage to Charn where Magic is stronger

2) The precursor to the destruction of Charn

3) The fall of the Tree and the coming of Winter (involving the parents as children.. and the introduction of the BEavers heirloom.. aka the sewing machine)

4) The entry to a subsequent land (unamed for obvious reasons) by Susan... where she faces a choice of direction...with the possibility of becoming one as bad as jadis herself. (note.. this would actually allow for a narnian character or two to make reappearances.. on the premise that after being in one of the books.. they themselves find a portal to this new world)

note.. doing this could resolve the APPARENT inconsistaqncies.. and also allow for "gaps" to be filled.

note 2.... I wish I had the talent to write such stories myself.. (although there is a something of a nod of the head to narnia in one of my unposted "From Whence the Power Comes" stories)

note 3... wow.. how long has been since I posted here??????
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